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Syrian Refugees

The marriage of the evangelical right and the political right was celebrated 35 years ago this month with the election of Ronald Reagan to the White House, and it has enjoyed a long honeymoon. Its dream was the restoration of both the Christian faith and the United States from damage it saw resulting from decades […] Read More

I was able to join my husband, Kevin, in Stockholm, Sweden, last week. He was representing the American Diabetes Association at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes Meeting. At meetings like this, I continue to learn so much about how ruthless diabetes can be and how it affects so many people and their […] Read More

A year ago I started reading news reports about the humanitarian crisis faced by millions – literally – of Syrian refugees chased by ongoing civil war across the borders of their country into Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Analysts described it as the biggest humanitarian crisis in decades. First-person reports put faces to the men, women […] Read More

Conditions are deteriorating in east Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley and the surrounding area. One snowstorm has ended and another is forecast to begin soon, further chilling the already frozen Syrian refugees in Bekaa Valley. They are struggling to keep their makeshift camps warm and dry this Christmas season. Among those hard at work helping people who […] Read More

The situation in Syria is tragic, but the small Christian community in the region is sharing God’s love with thousands of refugees. So says Nabil Costa, the executive director of the Lebanese Baptist Society (LSESD) and a BMS World Mission trustee. Costa was in the United Kingdom last week as a guest of the charity, […] Read More