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Syrian Crisis

The idolatry of shaping God in our own image has been the root of much evil in the world. It has perpetuated systems of oppression. And racism. And hate. It has led to genocide. And apartheid. And rape. Tell me that the church’s hands are clean from the blood of even the past century, and […] Read More

Like Jacob in Genesis 32, I have wrestled recently with God over the politics of my own identity. From a young age, I had attained to what many around me attested to be “profound maturity” in my Christian faith. I could quote Bible verses in the proper context with a sound interpretation for the right […] Read More

The Syrian conflict, now the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II, entered its fifth year last weekend. As it continues to escalate, the need for the international community to redouble its efforts to bring about a political solution could not be greater, according to Christian Aid, a relief and development agency of British and […] Read More

Since the summer of 2011, the Lebanese Baptist Society (LSESD) has been directly involved in reaching out to vulnerable Syrian refugees affected by the crisis.  What we are witnessing today is the changing, cleansing and transforming of hearts, which God alone can do. One young Lebanese pastor, whose church is currently serving around 750 Syrian […] Read More

Not long ago the U.S. considered Iran to be one of the “axis of evil” countries while the latter referred to U.S. as the “great Satan.” Now we see leaders of both countries hugging each other in what appears to be the start of a new love story as they sign an agreement over Iran’s […] Read More

A year ago I started reading news reports about the humanitarian crisis faced by millions – literally – of Syrian refugees chased by ongoing civil war across the borders of their country into Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Analysts described it as the biggest humanitarian crisis in decades. First-person reports put faces to the men, women […] Read More

The Beqaa Valley in Lebanon is beautiful. It’s flat, lush, green and very pretty. I was there in February and we drove along long, open country roads, passing vineyards and fields. It was a bit like being on holiday until we reached an area where we could see a few tents. As we approached, we […] Read More