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Sunday School

With autumn approaching, many churches are planning the relaunch of Sunday School. It’s an opportunity for your church to return to the original roots of Sunday School, challenging culture and changing lives. […] Read More

Anybody who has ever had two or more children consuming food at the same time knows that such moments constitute a recipe for family disaster. Picture a pizza. Picture two kids. Picture one knife. Who will cut? That is the question! Let us assume that the chief justice of the United States is busy elsewhere. […] Read More

Sunday school in many churches has become a time of fellowship for believers, studying the Bible and caring for each other. Many of us are missing some very important components; Sunday school was birthed out of an experience of missions, social ministry and evangelism around 1890 by Robert Raikes in Great Britain. He discovered that […] Read More

Our churches are trying to figure out how to reach the millennial generation (born between 1980 and 2000), and we do need to reach the largest generation in the U.S. for Bible study. Yet, many churches are more geared to reach the baby boomers (born 1946 to 1964), which is the second largest generation. Keith […] Read More

Did you know that the largest unchurched people group in the United States is families who are touched by special needs? What is your church doing to try to reach this oft-neglected segment of people in our neighborhoods? Most of us who regularly attend Sunday school and worship like to think our congregation is a […] Read More

There was a day when a Sunday school perfect attendance pin was a regular feature in churches across America. If a person attended Sunday school every Sunday in a year, he or she was awarded a pin or an attachment that hung below the original pin to denote another year of perfect attendance. People took […] Read More

Have you ever noticed how often we are never satisfied? For instance, I enjoy working jigsaw puzzles and often have one in the works on a game table. I’ll walk past and think I’ll put in just one piece and be done, but it is rare for me to look for just that one piece. […] Read More

The recent film “Divided” has attracted national media attention for its critique of age-based church ministries, targeting youth ministry in particular. But despite the film’s message that families should be more involved in faith development in their own children, the film makes questionable connections in its attempt to discredit any and all age-based church ministry, […] Read More

We talked about Islam in my Sunday School class not long ago. In recent weeks, we had turned to the subject of how Christians might or should view other religions, and it was felt that those in the class would benefit from learning more about other religions.   It is hard, if not impossible, to […] Read More

Time was when a vacationing Baptist could drop in on any church in the South and pick up a copy of the same Sunday school quarterly used back home. Today, more churches have ceased shopping exclusively at the company store, turning to a variety of publishers and formats catered to the needs and interests of […] Read More