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Faith in the Dark

A sermon delivered by Wendell Griffen, Pastor, New Millennium Church, Little Rock, Ark., on October 14, 2012. Job 23:1-17 23Then Job answered: 2“Today also my complaint is bitter; his hand is heavy despite my groaning. 3Oh, that I knew where I might find him, that I might come even to his dwelling! 4I would lay […] Read More

There is a great story in the book “Report to Greco” by Nikos Kazantzakis. When Nikos was young, his mother was very religious; she went to Mass every day. His father was anti-religious, sort of bitter toward religion, and Nikos was torn. When Nikos was 19 years old, he decided to spend the summer at […] Read More

Making Hope Visable

Sermon delivered by Bob Browning, pastor of Smoke Rise Baptist Church in Stone Mountain, G.A., on November 1 2009. Revelation 21: 1-6 When you were going through a tough time, whose words encouraged you? Whose presence lifted your spirits? Who is struggling and needs your help now?             These questions flowed out of our text […] Read More

Sermon delivered by Heather Entrekin, pastor of Prairie Baptist Church in Prairie Village, K.S., on May 3 2009. Pslam 23, John 10: 11-18. How is it that a Psalm maybe 2,500 years old about sheep and shepherds can comfort a person today in Kansas City who has never personally met a sheep and doesn’t know a single […] Read More

Sermon delivered by Heather Entrekin, pastor of PrairieBaptistChurch in Prairie Village, K.S., on Mar. 1, 2009. Mark 1: 9-15 When two people come together to be married, they walk down the aisle, there are flowers and cameras flashing, big organ processional, everybody stands, and the first question, all-important question they are asked is this: “Do you […] Read More