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Strategic Planning

We all agree that it’s good for churches to have a clear vision and purpose. We disagree about how to live out that purpose. For some help, follow these 7 strategic-planning habits that Jesus modeled. […] Read More

Building a congregation’s life around a clear vision and purpose is an easy thing to believe in. Aligning that purpose with biblical teaching and witness is an agreeable notion. I seldom encounter a leader or leadership group who resists the idea that the path toward a vibrant and engaging congregation is to embody God’s mission […] Read More

Time for a confession. Let me tell you a consultant’s dirty little secret: Congregational strategic planning is frequently a waste of time and can be counterproductive. There, it’s out. Now, it’s time to explain. Many congregations, for a variety of reasons, choose to engage in strategic planning. Some opt to conduct the process internally, while […] Read More