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This Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the National Day of Listening, a perfect time to sit down with your family to tell and record your stories. Don’t let those stories die. They’re important to you and future generations. […] Read More

Who was the funniest person in your family? Who was the most serious? Who was the caretaker? Who was the prankster? Family stories are important. They tell who you are and where you came from. My grandfather had the greatest laugh I had ever known until our son, Michael, came along. His laughter can light […] Read More

The Price House, built in 1795, is a historic site in Spartanburg County in South Carolina. My great-grandparents owned the property. My parents as a young couple did much of their courting there. My son, Michael, drove Carol and me there to celebrate the historical association’s Woodruff Days in the town of Woodruff – the […] Read More

In more than 50 years of studying and reading Chinese no writer has captured my imagination as much as Lao She, the penname of Shu Qingchun. (Lao She is pronounced so the Lao rhymes with “how,” and the She almost like “shuh” in English.) He was born in Beijing in 1889 and a few years […] Read More

The seventh book of the Bible is called “Judges.” The title refers to the succession of military leaders who arise to deliver Israel from oppression. The exploits of Samson and, to a lesser extent, Gideon have found a degree of popular awareness in Western culture, but the rest of the book is not well known. […] Read More

We thus ended the day not staring at some electronic box dramatizing stories fabricated for our entertainment, but gathered as families have done for millennia and more, telling the stories that really matter, of the moments and movements that have made us who we are, unto the third and fourth generation. For six hours on […] Read More