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Ethnicity, gender, nationality and frameworks of opportunity influence whether a person bears the burden of need or enjoys the benefits of privilege. How do we bridge the gap to achieve a community focused on a common good? […] Read More

Wealth is a given in society, so how should you use it? You can protect your privileged status and accumulate more wealth for yourself. Or you can leverage it to serve the urgent needs of our common life. […] Read More

Baptist icon George W. Truett was the focus of a recent high school assembly in Hayesville, North Carolina, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Clay County native’s birth. An invitation to participate in the event sent me to Keith Durso’s excellent biography, “Thy Will Be Done,” of the Baptist icon of the first half of […] Read More

A wire sculpture sits above the harbor at Portsoy in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The graceful lines of a dolphin leaping toward the sea is a powerful and poignant symbol of life that is wild, untamed, beautiful and utterly natural. There are many perspectives on the relationship between humans and the biosphere we call earth. My own […] Read More

Christians often don’t talk much about climate change and global warming, but when they do, there are some pretty divergent views. There are those who staunchly argue that the hype around climate change is just fear-mongering based on economic or political agendas or both. There are those who believe that climate change is real and […] Read More

A commodity is something that is bought and sold. Mission is the loving and joyful response of Christ’s followers to disciple the nations, holding forth Jesus’ life and teaching among all the peoples of the world. In theory, the two appear to be very distinct concepts. In reality, mission is intricately related to the resources […] Read More

There is an old children’s poem that goes like this: “What kind of church would my church be, if all of its members were just like me?” That is a good question to ask ourselves related to the stewardship of our time, talents, treasure and testimony. Many churches are in a time of “stewardship emphasis” […] Read More

Much talk about the state of the local church today is negative. As some look at declining attendance and giving statistics, they wonder if the church will continue to exist much longer. It would be a big mistake to count the church out. After all, Jesus Christ said the forces of hell would not prevail […] Read More

My church observed Earth Stewardship Sunday recently by singing hymns and offering prayers that honored God as Creator. We were even reminded during communion that the bread and wine are gifts of the earth provided by the one who made it. For my sermon, I chose to focus on the words of the hymn, “This […] Read More

My recent heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery have reminded me about the importance of caring for all of creation, including our bodies. Even with the limited exposure that I’ve had to the outdoors in recent weeks, it is apparent that spring is currently making its presence known. Jonquils are in bloom, redbuds are starting […] Read More