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Stem Cell Research

The human embryo is a human being with moral status whether in a test tube or a woman’s womb and deserves enough respect not to be destroyed for its stem cells, argued a philosophy professor in an academic paper presented at the Baptist World Alliance meeting in the Netherlands, where some 360 global Baptists are […] Read More

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday passed legislation to allow federal funding of research using embryonic stem cells. President Bush said he would veto the bill, just as he did in July. Nineteen Republicans joined 44 Democrats and independents supporting the bill, which passed the Senate 63-34. Adding three Democrats who were absent would bring the […] Read More

Exit polls suggested scandals, the war in Iraq and dissatisfaction with President Bush drove voters toward Democrats in mid-term elections, but stem cell research cropped up as a sleeper issue in several key races. President Bush restricted funding for research on stem cells from human embryos in 2001, saying he opposed their destruction. Missouri voters […] Read More

Embryonic Theology

Across the nation embryonic stem cell research garners media attention and political discussion. Numerous religious leaders have jumped into the debate. In <Missouri the issue remains especially contentious leading up to the Nov. 7 election over a proposed state constitutional amendment and a U.S. Senate race with the candidates divided over embryonic stem cell research. […] Read More

Focus on the Family’s James Dobson said Wednesday that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist betrayed pro-life voters with his flip-flop on stem cells, comparing the destruction of human embryos for research to experiments on humans done in Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust. Dobson devoted two days of his radio broadcast to discussions of stem […] Read More

Sen. Frist took a needed step forward for medical research when he announced Friday his support for expanded federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, using frozen embryos left over at fertility clinics that would otherwise be discarded. His speech lacked the same clarity about his moral reasoning, however. Identifying himself as “pro-life,” Frist said […] Read More

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist risked alienating the religious right, a constituency many say he needs to carry to be elected president in 2008, by announcing on the Senate floor on Friday that he supports federal funding for medical research using frozen human embryos that would otherwise be thrown away. Robert Parham of the Baptist […] Read More

A new odor of mendacity oozed from the White House last week when President Bush held a reception for the 21 families who have adopted or given up for adoption frozen embryos. “Rather than discard these embryos created during in vitro fertilization, or turn them over for research that destroys them, these families have chosen […] Read More

Ignoring President Bush’s threatened veto, the House of Representatives passed a bill this week supporting federal funding for stem cell research using embryos discarded at fertility clinics. The 238 to 194 vote included 50 Republicans who broke from their party’s leadership. Fourteen Democrats voted against the bill. House Majority Leader Tom Delay (R-Texas), leader of […] Read More

Sixty four percent of Americans say moral values will be very important to their vote in the upcoming presidential election, and the debate over stem cell research is shaping up as an issue that could help Democrats, according to a new poll. A majority of voters (52 percent) now says conducting stem cell research is […] Read More