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State of the Union

We must never be so naive in our hope for solidarity that we neglect to identify and correct our problems. So, while yesterday’s editorial concentrated on hope found within the divided union, today we shift gears to honestly and genuinely address concerns. Communication and compromise offer the promise of a more hopeful path forward, but […] Read More

Optics can speak more clearly and thunderously than words. Such was the case when President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union address this week. The scene was familiar for those who have watched past presidents give the annual address to Congress. The president makes a statement; his party stands to enthusiastic applause while […] Read More

President Barack Obama, standing before a joint session of Congress, urged Americans on Tuesday to ignore political voices telling people “to fear the future.” Giving what was billed as his last State of the Union Address – even though some presidents also give one in the January when they leave office – Obama deviated from […] Read More

President Barack Obama sought to turn the page Tuesday night in his first State of the Union address following Republicans gaining control of both houses of Congress. Although religion only seeped in occasionally, important moral and ethical issues dominated the night’s discussions. During his speech, Obama addressed key moral issues of sick leave and other […] Read More

During President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, he highlighted the importance of faith leaders as he urged a joint session of Congress to tackle immigration reform. Although the most explicitly religious of Obama’s State of the Union addresses other than his 2011 speech, he primarily referenced God in a few typical, […] Read More

This past Tuesday, President Obama delivered his annual State of the Union address. As many presidents before him, the president called upon Americans to unite around our higher angels and lay aside partisan bickering for the common good. Sadly, before he could leave the house chambers, critics were already in full voice denouncing the president […] Read More

This last week we have witnessed what may be the story of the year or even the decade. The dramatic scenes across North Africa and especially Egypt have captured the world’s attention and reminded us of the vast scale of politics. Might this be the dawning of a new moment in the Muslim world, or […] Read More

What we say tells a lot about who we are. Witness our response to events in Tucson, Ariz., to disastrous war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan and to Sept. 11: We haven’t done anything wrong, and right now, we need to show everyone we’re stronger than ever by being united. That response worries me because […] Read More

President Obama gave his annual State of the Union address Tuesday evening, and it was a night with much to be thankful for. Political leaders set aside their ideological differences and sat next to one another. There were no boos and shouting like last year. Our elected representatives acted like the civilized adults we always […] Read More

As I was watching President Obama speak Tuesday night, I couldn’t help but think of Doug Pagitt’s new book, “Church in the Inventive Age.” Like Pagitt, the president pounded home his conviction that the world has changed and we need to adapt to it. The road ahead may be difficult to navigate, but America’s history […] Read More