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From the Chicago White Sox throwing the 1919 World Series to today’s Houston Astros allegedly using technology to steal signs, cheating has given baseball a black eye. Have professional sports become a ‘win at all cost’ culture? […] Read More

The grounds at Augusta National Golf Club, home to the Masters Tournament, are a rare combination of botanical gardens, nature preserve and golf course. Churches can learn valuable insights from this innovative organization. […] Read More

After the announcement of Nike’s deal with former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, his critics continue to focus on the means of his protest instead of looking at the problem he’s been protesting. […] Read More

It’s time for a national conversation about football. The facts are irrefutable now; U.S. football causes long-term and irreversible brain damage in many players. Anyone who doesn’t know this simply hasn’t been paying attention. And in some cases, that brain damage has probably led to violent behavior, including suicides and murders, which probably would not […] Read More

Two questions were posed in the early 1970s to a handful of professional football players and coaches who were connected in some way to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes: 1. What do you think about racial prejudice? 2. Is there prejudice on your team or former team? Their responses, recorded on a set of index […] Read More

“Today, in the popular mind, if you think ‘sports and religion,’ you probably think Tim Tebow. You think evangelical.” But there’s much more to sports and religion than what Tebow represents, says a Baylor doctoral candidate focused on the intersection of faith and athletics. Paul Putz, a doctoral candidate in history at Baylor University, spoke […] Read More

I have always found watching sports of any kind boring, but I have assumed that others legitimately found real pleasure in it and simply avoided it myself. Eventually, I began to consider whether organized college, university, professional and amateur sports might have a dark side worthy of critique. I have noticed some. Having admitted my […] Read More

I was hopelessly hooked on this summer’s Olympic Games, fueled no doubt by the blistering success of Team Great Britain. As medal winner after medal winner was paraded before an adoring public, it was hard not to want to feel part of the success. In their various media interviews, they have also dutifully remained on […] Read More

Like the people of ancient times, we still struggle with false gods. Today’s false gods come in the form of money, sexual gratification, fancy homes, political power, romantic love, financial security, our looks, impressive job titles, a collection of some sort, cars, guns and invitations to exclusive gatherings. I could go on. But one of […] Read More

My 10-year-old son plays in a football (soccer) team in a south London league every Saturday. He is part of a great club, with dedicated coaches and he loves it. It is a very competitive league, but over the course of the season I have seen hardly any aggressive behavior, bad language or arguing with […] Read More