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Spiritual Disciplines

For modern-day Christians, adopting a minimalist lifestyle, leaving all our possessions behind and following Christ can be a bit of a challenge if not impossible. […] Read More

The desire for spiritual growth among Christians is not translating into significant commitment to practices facilitating this development, according to a Barna Group survey. A strong majority (77 percent) of Christians said it is “very important to see growth in their spiritual life,” but the commitment to discipleship practices – such as regular church attendance […] Read More

A friend of mine lives right down the street from her mother. They have a good relationship, and they’ve become closer since the woman’s father passed away a few years ago. Without him around anymore, though, the mother is demanding more of her time. My friend loves her mother, but she is getting frustrated with […] Read More

Can spiritual disciplines serve as foundations for the spiritual formation of children? I met with parents of preschoolers at my church to discuss this question, which resulted in a fruitful conversation and an affirmation that they can. Here are a few key reflections and practical ideas from our discussion: 1. Positively forming children to know […] Read More

Jesus did not find answers to these questions in the crowd or among his disciples. Jesus found answers in the wilderness, on the mountain, in the garden, often in the late hours of the night or in the early hours of the morning through disciplines such as prayer. Simple meditation techniques teach people to be […] Read More

Give in to the biting winds of winter, pulling up your collar and pulling down your chin, listening to the call to silence. Perhaps it is all of the above. Slower living gives us time for reflection, and reflection calls for quiet. The precise outline of a bare tree against a clear sky begs us […] Read More