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Spiritual Abuse

As the Notre Dame Cathedral was consumed by fire, it was a physical manifestation of what many survivors of church and clergy abuse have experienced, watching in isolation as their sacred spaces go up in smoke. […] Read More

No matter how many seminary classes you had discussing and debating ethical dilemmas that pastors have encountered in their parishes, there is no way to prepare completely for what you will face as you minister in our current context. My hope is that this monthly column, “From the Pews,” will provide insights and challenges for […] Read More

The question of how prominent evangelical leaders can continue to support a president whose morality and ethics are questionable is perplexing. How can the same people who questioned President Obama’s religious beliefs and berated President Clinton’s infidelity defend and justify our current president again and again? Loyalty to Trump has involved progressively more difficult, self-abasing […] Read More

The biblical texts related to unclean or evil spirits, like a recent lectionary gospel passage from Mark 1:21-28, are often avoided. Yet, it’s important for us to spend some time discussing and reflecting on these passages because we are not comfortable with the idea that there are unclean spirits or evil spirits that not only […] Read More

I didn’t realize it was strange to some Christians to clap in the middle of a worship service until I was 20. Clapping was an expression of gratitude common in worship services I attended as a child, especially at Christmas and Easter. I always understood the clapping to be a sign of gratitude for the […] Read More