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Spider Man

They say, “The third time is the charm.” This is the third reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. And I think that they may have found that charm. Spider-Man is the iconic creation of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The comic hit newsstands in September 1962. At the time of the first appearance of Spider-Man, the […] Read More

‘Spider-Man 3’

Movie franchises ebb and flow. Thinking about the “Star Wars” series, most people believe “The Empire Strikes Back” is the best movie of the lot, and the quality went downhill from there. “Spider-Man 3” follows this trend. It’s good, but not as good as “Spider-Man 2.” Part of the problem is the movie tries too […] Read More


The story goes that when Stan Lee wanted to produce the Spider-Man comic, the powers that be at Marvel Comics did not find a geeky teenager with superpowers enticing. Yet Lee, along with co-creator and artist Steve Ditko, managed to get the story in a fantasy comic that was about to cease publication at Marvel. […] Read More