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With 40 million in the U.S. alone living in poverty, people who profess to be followers of Jesus – and all people of goodwill – must seek to live in solidarity with the poor. Easy to talk about; harder to do. […] Read More

While many Christians have a heart for the poor and are happy to give money to projects or to volunteer, not many are prepared to live among them. Here are 2 reasons why it’s imperative. […] Read More

The more we cooperate with others, the more we are likely to help. That’s the finding of a recent working paper. While not a study of religious faith, expanding our circle of concern sounds very Christian. […] Read More

Many changed their Facebook profile picture so that it temporarily shows a French Tricolour across their image to show solidarity with the French people following the horrendous attacks in Paris. I felt moved to do the same. I wanted to express my horror at what had happened but almost immediately I was made to feel […] Read More

As soon as reports appeared on the Paris attacks, the global faith community turned to Twitter to express solidarity for those who suffered and to pray for the victims and their families. Catholic News Agency offered an early tweet: “Join us as we #PrayForParis.” I retweeted their tweet: “Catholic News Agency calls for prayer for […] Read More

I have spent more than five years as a student of immigration law as a paralegal and a student of theology and ethics in my calling as a minister of the gospel. Both have made me keenly aware that in our culture of divisive politics, we are missing the mark on being both Christians and […] Read More