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Social Capital

Religious minorities have much to offer society, but they often struggle against various forms of discrimination, a newly published report says. […] Read More

My mother served as the principal of two different public schools I attended. Most of the time it was not an issue. In seventh grade, however, I did learn that it is especially awkward being called to the principal’s office when your mom is the one who is waiting for you behind the desk. Despite […] Read More

The Baptist Center for Ethics and want to challenge each of you to help your neighbor by supporting a local social agency in your community during this season of Thanksgiving. To that end, we’re launching #EthicsDailyLocal – an exciting initiative to empower people of faith to support their local agencies engaged in transformative work. […] Read More

The last two weeks of August send students back to school and the church back to mission. Through partnerships in public and private education, churches are uniquely positioned at the intersection of needs, opportunities and open doors in people’s lives. A renewed church is one engaged in local schools. By adopting a public school, a […] Read More

What did accomplish in 2015? More than 500 columns and around 100 news articles were published, written by more than 150 unique contributors from 23 U.S. states and nine countries. Included in these numbers are 27 articles about the global refugee crisis, 22 articles reflecting on church trends, 13 articles related to religious liberty, […] Read More

Churches are a pipeline for gift-giving throughout the year – and especially during the Christmas season. University Baptist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia, pastored by Michael Cheuk, collected groceries to provide the food items necessary to prepare a Christmas meal for local families in need. The bags of food will be distributed by a local nonprofit […] Read More

Churches are gift-giving institutions during the Christmas season. First Baptist Church of Bristol, Virginia, has partnered with a local nonprofit that coordinates with their county’s Department of Children’s Services to provide gifts for foster children. The congregation, where Ronnie Brewer serves as pastor, sponsored 21 children this December. On Dec. 19, members of Second Baptist […] Read More

Global crises fill news headlines day after day. ISIS’ reign of terror in Iraq and Syria. The quasi-war in Ukraine. Boko Haram’s violent actions in Nigeria. Sectarian conflict in the Central African Republic. Brutal acts by al-Shabbab in Somalia. Political instability in Libya. War in South Sudan. Persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Burma (Myanmar). The […] Read More

A combination of shadow and light, curve and line, an ascending spiral toward the light of the sky beyond the glass roof. This is what you see when you step inside the library building at Aberdeen University in Scotland and look up at the staircase. It depicts the human longing to know, offers an invitation […] Read More

“Bowling Alone” and “American Grace” famously brought author Robert Putnam and wide readerships together. Social scientists of some sorts often alienate audiences and readerships when they choose to speak or write in dense and turgid phrases. But perceptive and phrase-making Putnam can hold his own with eloquent peers when gathering resources, summoning data or framing […] Read More