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Social safety nets have been vital in efforts to lower poverty over the past 50 years, a report says. Without such programs, an additional 37 million people, including 7 million children, would have been in poverty in 2018. […] Read More

A victims’ advocacy and support group has been urging Southern Baptist leaders to develop a denomination-wide “open and transparent” response to sexual abuse by clergy. That was in 2007. […] Read More

U.S. households eligible to receive SNAP benefits will receive their February disbursement ahead of schedule in late January. However, low-income families will need to submit new applications sooner too. […] Read More

After 12 years of urging Southern Baptists to protect kids from clergy sex abuse, little has changed institutionally. What has changed is more survivors, advocates and bloggers are finding their voices. […] Read More

We have to assume, I think, that they didn’t come as a cohort – the Pharisees and Sadducees, that is. Just some, maybe only a few, of each group appeared out there in the wilderness of Judea, where John the Baptizer was dipping people in the Jordan River – those who heeded his call to […] Read More

I’m a farmer, and I’m astounded. Well, that claim about being a farmer is an exaggeration. Yes, I own the family farm. But someone else, thank goodness, farms it. But I’m still astounded. The U.S. House of Representatives, under the guise of cost cutting and fiscal responsibility, passed a farm bill that, for all intents […] Read More

House Republicans passed a farm bill last week that did not include funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – or food stamps, breaking the 40-year strategy of combining food stamps and farm subsidies in a single bill. Republicans prioritized farm subsidies over food stamps, agribusinesses – like sugar cane – over the nutritional […] Read More

A clergy sexual-abuse survivor says the staff member guiding a Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee response to a motion calling for a national database of clergy sex offenders has a negative attitude toward the proposal and should be replaced with someone more objective. Debbie Vasquez, who has filed a lawsuit against a Southern Baptist minister […] Read More

An alleged victim of a former Southern Baptist pastor facing felony charges of sexual battery by an authority figure testified recently in court they entered into a long-term sexual relationship because the preacher convinced him it was a part of God’s plan. According to the Memphis Commercial-Appeal, the young man, now 21, said Steven Haney […] Read More

A victims’ advocacy and support group on Monday asked Southern Baptist Convention leaders to seek input from outside experts and victims in developing a denomination-wide response to sexual abuse by clergy. In June SBC messengers referred a motion to the SBC Executive Committee requesting “a feasibility study concerning the development of a database of Southern […] Read More