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The debate taking place within churches across denominational lines regarding the inclusion of LGBTQ individuals and their relationships is more than familiar by now. On one side, there are traditionalists arguing in favor of maintaining the church’s position of recognizing marriage and celibacy as the only licit options for Christians. On the other side, there […] Read More

A patient and I recently had a conversation on sensuality and sexuality, and I suggested the following five important considerations on the topic, each from a distinctly Christian perspective. Sexuality should be understood more broadly than it is usually construed. In other words, our sexuality has more to do with who we are than merely […] Read More

Shorter University, a private Christian university in Rome, Ga., recently updated its personal conduct policy for its employees to include the following: I agree to adhere to and support the following principles (on or off the campus): I will be loyal to the mission of Shorter University as a Christ-centered institution affiliated with the Georgia […] Read More

(RNS) An ultra-Orthodox Jewish newspaper in Brooklyn deleted Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton from aWhite House photograph of top officials monitoring the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The Yiddish-language Der Zeitung removed Clinton and Audrey Tomason, a top counter-terrorism adviser, from the photo, which is quickly becoming an iconic image. The photo shows […] Read More

The Southern Baptist Convention is hiring a minister specializing in “gender issues” to help churches reach out and minister to homosexuals, without condoning same-sex relationships. On Friday, Bob Stith, after retiring as pastor of Carroll Baptist Church in Southlake, Texas, becomes director of Southern Baptists’ Ministry to Homosexuals Task Force. Thirteen years ago Stith began […] Read More

A Southern Baptist leader assailed from both the left and right for suggesting there may be some biological cause for homosexual orientation and supporting the use of prenatal treatment to reverse it if any medical test or treatment is found blamed much of the furor on headlines he said were misleading. “If I saw a […] Read More

A new sexual revolution has hit the Ivy League, with formation of a student group promoting chastity and abstinence outside of marriage at traditionally liberal Princeton University. The Anscombe Society exists to provide a voice for conservative sexual values in a campus atmosphere that members say not only tolerates but encourages promiscuity, according to recent […] Read More

To my gay bothers and sisters, may the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. I’ve received numerous communiques demanding an apology for a previous column I penned. And I agree. But if any apology is due, it should be to be made to the gay community. I am sorry if I inadvertently made […] Read More