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Sexual Harassment

Our natural instincts serve us well, to a point. When any threats are perceived, our empathy often will slam shut like a trap door. We’re called beyond instinct to empathy. That’s what I learned in a football stadium parking lot. […] Read More

The question of how prominent evangelical leaders can continue to support a president whose morality and ethics are questionable is perplexing. How can the same people who questioned President Obama’s religious beliefs and berated President Clinton’s infidelity defend and justify our current president again and again? Loyalty to Trump has involved progressively more difficult, self-abasing […] Read More

“You’re a what?” “I’m a pastor,” I responded to the blank stare of a woman who lived in my neighborhood. After 30 seconds of dead silence, I said, “I’m a preacher.” I concluded trying to connect to her. “I work at a church.” “Oh, I’ve never seen a woman preacher before,” she responded. “Yeah, I […] Read More

Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle was charged in 1921 with the sexual assault of actress Virginia Rappe at a raucous Hollywood party. According to investigators, the 266-pound film star attacked and raped her, ultimately killing Rappe when her bladder burst “under the weight of his fat body.” See more of the story here. Despite the allegations, Arbuckle […] Read More

Alabama voters will choose their next United States senator on Dec. 12. Let me be clear: I’m not endorsing a candidate or telling readers how they should vote. Rather, I’m urging Christians not to disregard their moral compass when they enter the voting booth. The two primary candidates running for office are Judge Roy Moore […] Read More

I was one of the many Christians believing God created women for a subservient role to men. Growing up in fundamentalist Baptist churches, it was instilled in me for more than two decades that God created women to “help” men; women were to serve their husbands and children. This was the divine construct of God’s […] Read More

The #metoo campaign has died down, but it has stayed with me. My stories, the stories I’ve read and the stories I’ve heard from people who weren’t ready to share their stories in a public forum all continue to whisper through my thoughts. The ones that are the most difficult for me to hear are […] Read More