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Sexual Abuse

My mother died March 20. I loved her with wild abandon. After my dad molested my sisters, Mom took her first steps to the dark side, the last bit of hope rinsed from her heart. She became my father’s accomplice. […] Read More

The late founder of L’Arche International, Jean Vanier, ‘engaged in manipulative sexual relationships with at least six adult … woman,’ an inquiry found. Faith leaders called Vanier’s actions manipulative and horrifying. […] Read More

How and why does sexual abuse continue at epidemic levels? Because some people choose to be dedicated keepers of the lie. The only antidote is truth-telling. It’s never easy to do, but it will set you free. […] Read More

The statistics on child sexual abuse are overwhelming. What can one person, especially a victim of childhood abuse, do to protect their children? We need to form a human shield around them and save them from abuse. […] Read More

Bad things happen to good people. What you do about it forges your character. Turn each traumatic childhood experience into a precious gem to keep in the ‘jewel box of your mind’ to help bring closure to each horrifying memory. […] Read More

Survivors of sustained physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual abuse as children are more likely to deal with physical illnesses, depression and suicide. Few achieve contentment, but it is possible and requires intention. […] Read More

Abuse survivors are told too often to forgive and forget. But don’t ever forget. Forgiveness is about personal power, about attaining peace, about looking forward with hope. These 5 exercises will help you let go of the angst. […] Read More

Learning your child has been molested is some of the most devastating news a parent can receive. To help your child transcend this trauma, you’ll need to take care of yourself and be strong for them. These tips can help you. […] Read More

If the unthinkable happens, and your child trusts you to let you know he or she has been molested, how you respond will make a huge difference in their emotional equilibrium and their ability to heal. These 9 steps can help you. […] Read More

Every Saturday night, the Walsh families gathered for dinner, music and cousin time. There were nine children, ranging in age from 4 to 15. It was boisterously good fun. Kids catapulted across the lawn playing games, adults barbecued and set tables for dinner. The swing hanging from an old oak tree was in constant use. […] Read More