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White-biased imagery is common in our churches, but its inherent racism is much more subtle than the blatant sexist language and patriarchal imagery that is so dominant in our worship services and beyond. […] Read More

Agency refers to peoples’ ability to act and make decisions for themselves. Often, people have been stripped of their agency, treated as less than human. We must become agents of agency. […] Read More

White evangelicals overwhelmingly support President Trump, who regularly denigrates women of color. By remaining silent about their candidate’s sexism and racism, they are selling their souls. […] Read More

Racism and sexism are increasingly, and belatedly, being identified as big issues at North American, Western European and Australian universities and are not merely “developing country” phenomena. See, for instance, the recent report from a British task force. Racism and sexism manifest themselves not only in hiring practices, unequal pay, hate speech and acts of […] Read More

My recollections of the civil rights movement of the ’60s are rather limited. I was sheltered from much of the reality and shaped by a social context that placed blame solely on “troublemakers” like Martin Luther King Jr. Living in a community where African Americans were scarce and isolated led to little contact outside my […] Read More

(RNS) Rebecca Watson meant it as a funny story, almost an aside. In a video blog, the popular skeptic blogger recalled a man following her into an empty elevator and inviting her up to his room after she spoke about feminism at a European atheist conference last June. “Guys,” she said with a bit of […] Read More

Racism or sexism? Which is a bigger problem for churches? Historically, Americans have dealt with racism much longer than sexism. Caucasian vs. African-American (“white” vs. “black”) issues were the focus of civil war over a half-century before the large “women’s rights” protests began. Both racism and sexism are rooted in hierarchy and power. Women of […] Read More

“Beneath the Skin: Baptists and Racism” screened at the recent Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Spring Gathering. While viewing the presentation, I felt a sense of despair that despite decades of excruciating effort to rid our society of this blot, racism still plagues us. Like kudzu, we can’t seem to get rid of it, no matter how […] Read More

Defending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s new homemaking degree against critics he views as outside the mainstream, a Southern Baptist state newspaper editor suggested that women are hard-wired for work within the home. Gary Ledbetter, editor of the Southern Baptist Texan, said in an editorial he believes there is a “sexist” element to criticism of the […] Read More

Forgive and Forget

Many marriages run into trouble because of a lack of communication between the spouses. For example, let us say that the husband does something that either irritated his wife or causes her some type of emotional pain. The husband may be oblivious to the offense perpetrated, even though his wife’s feelings remain hurt. At first, […] Read More