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Sex Abuse

Sexual assault survivors don’t speak up sooner because reporting is often as traumatic as the assault. Survivors know this, and others’ responses seldom prove them wrong. Here’s my story. […] Read More

After 12 years of urging Southern Baptists to protect kids from clergy sex abuse, little has changed institutionally. What has changed is more survivors, advocates and bloggers are finding their voices. […] Read More

The sexual abuse by the clergy and the cover-up by the hierarchy in the Roman Catholic Church are inexcusable, deeply sinful and have harmed thousands. How should the church respond? […] Read More

A woman who accused a Kentucky Baptist youth minister last year of sexually abusing her teenaged daughter now says she made the story up. According to local media Debra Johnson signed a court document Tuesday admitting that she made up the allegation that led to the December 2007 arrest of Clayton Pruett, youth minister at […] Read More

A former Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary student was sentenced Friday to 13 years in prison after pleading guilty to sexually abusing several teenage boys he mentored while a volunteer youth worker at a Southern Baptist church in North Carolina Meanwhile, a Southern Baptist church in suburban Chicago made news after it became public that an […] Read More

A support group for victims of clergy-sex abuse welcomed a motion expected at this week’s Southern Baptist Convention to study the feasibility of developing a database listing Southern Baptist ministers who have been credibly accused of, confessed to or been convicted of sexual abuse or harassment. Wade Burleson, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Enid, […] Read More

Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page said critics of the convention’s policy on sexual abuse by clergy are not really advocating on behalf of children but rather are opportunists motivated by personal gain. Page’s comments in a point of view article in this week’s Florida Baptist Witness. The column is mostly only slightly edited from […] Read More

A story about a six-month investigation by ABC News on preacher predators in Protestant churches–including the Southern Baptist Convention–aired Friday on “20/20.” While not interviewed on camera, spoke off camera numerous times with the segment’s producer. has carried dozens of stories and columns since last September about efforts by the Survivors Network of […] Read More

Victims’ advocates of clergy sex abuse cut little slack for leaders of Bellevue Baptist Church, who said mistakes were made in failing to disclose a former long-time minister’s admission that he molested his son 17 years ago. “I accept full responsibility for how this was handled and could have been handled better,” Steve Gaines, pastor […] Read More

Elana’s father was smuggled out of Germany as an 8-year-old boy. Her grandparents and other paternal ancestors were all annihilated in the Holocaust. Many on her mother’s side were slaughtered as well. Once a week, we walk a loop together around Town Lake. Though Elana is a decade younger, she often seems centuries wiser than […] Read More