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Seen and Not Heard

A sermon Randy Hyde, Pastor, Pulaski Heights Baptist Church, Little Rock, Ar. January 12, 2014 Deacon Ordination and Installation Numbers 27:15-23; Acts 6:1-7 Doing church is not easy. Never has been, never will be. Doing church the Baptist way makes it even messier at times, given our penchant for congregational self-governance. I don’t have a […] Read More

During seminary, around 1990, I served a Louisville, Ky., church as associate minister of music. In addition, I had some children’s ministry responsibilities that included assisting our on-the-ball children’s Sunday school department director with her annual two-day educational/fun trip for older children. One summer, the director’s itinerary included a tour of Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave. Our […] Read More

One of the most discouraging things that a pastor or staff minister can hear is this: “I just don’t belong here. I can’t find a place to plug in at this church.” This may be the last conversation that the minister will have with this person and it may be said as the person walks […] Read More

I’m a Chicagoan. Been here – in spirit all the time and in body most of the time – for 50 years now. So, I know, from experience, a thing or two about “clout.” In the most generous rendering of it, clout has to do with the power – political, economic, social, personal and, yes, […] Read More

When columns I have written are used on, there is an identifying line or two at the bottom about who I am: a “former” board member of the Baptist Center for Ethics and a “former” moderator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) of Georgia. Those lines could also say that I am a “former” […] Read More

Recently, I was at a local park with my family for my nephew’s Cub Scout picnic. During some down time, I took Morgan, my 5-year-old niece, down the hill to the playground to burn off some energy and enjoy the gorgeous spring day. She went straight for the swings. After hopping up in the seat […] Read More

“Pastor, we’ve got to do something,” implored the eager parishioner. “We have elderly church members driving at night because we don’t have a transportation ministry. It’s dangerous.” The plea came after one of our church members had a car accident. The driver happened to be the widow of our late founding pastor. She wasn’t badly […] Read More

A Sermon By Joel Snider, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Rome, Ga. February 10, 2013 Romans 12:1-13 Morning Prayer: O God, the challenges of this world seem so great and we feel so small.  Inspire in us the conviction that you go before us, that you work through us, and that by your power we can […] Read More

The ashy, lifeless Andes Mountains rise above the small village of Cieneguilla, Peru. The evidence of poverty surrounds this place like the mountains. It’s an odd place to make a home. Everything has to be brought here because nothing grows naturally in these mountains. It does not rain here. Only down by the river do […] Read More

A sermon delivered by Robert Browning, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Frankfort, Ky., on September 23, 2012. Mark 9:30-37 Today, we’ll examine a story which does not flatter the disciples. They come across as confused, frightened, embarrassed and egotistical. If you ever doubted the disciples were ordinary people, this story should settle this issue. Listen as […] Read More