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Secondhand Lions

“Secondhand Lions”

If you missed “Secondhand Lions” in theaters last summer, you have another chance to see this fantastic family-friendly film. It’s being released on DVD and VHS today. Set in 1962 rural Texas, “Lions” tells the story of young Walter (Haley Joel Osment), dumped by his mother (Kyra Sedgwick) on the farm of his eccentric uncles, […] Read More

‘Secondhand Lions’

“Secondhand Lions,” which opens nationwide today, is first-rate entertainment. So grab a seat and settle in; a genuine story awaits. The movie—starring Robert Duvall, Michael Caine and Haley Joel Osment—really defies categorization, and such films often turn out to be some of the most interesting. The movie—starring Robert Duvall, <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = […] Read More