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Scott Stearman

For many around the globe, the lack of religious freedom isn’t just a matter of being expected to serve a population they dislike or debating a religious symbol on government grounds. It’s life or death. Consider the Yazidis. […] Read More

Scott Stearman is pastor of Metro Baptist Church of New York City and represents the Baptist World Alliance and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship at the United Nations. […] Read More

A 70-year-old document, no matter how universal, won’t fix our global mess. However, it’s a vital tool in our toolbox. A legal lever to lift the downtrodden, a candle to light in our dark world. […] Read More

All major faith traditions have at their hearts a concern for the poor and vulnerable. The Hebrew prophet Isaiah makes feeding the poor the prerequisite for the nation’s revival (Isaiah 58). Jesus says that caring for the “least of these” is the basis on which we’ll be judged (Matthew 25). Giving alms to the poor […] Read More

On Feb. 7, 2008, a man walked into Kirkwood City Hall in Missouri and killed six people. It was a large enough, shocking enough crime to make national news. It even ranked a paragraph in the Saturday New York Times. Undoubtedly it made so much press because of the sheer quantity of those shot and […] Read More

I’d like to direct this to American Muslims: Dear Friends of Faith, One of my Baptist brethren says you are busy plotting the takeover of America, but I hope you’ll pause in your preparations for a moment to read these words from a fellow faith child of Abraham. There are vast and significant differences between […] Read More

According to a recent St. Louis “Post-Dispatch” story, a creationist spoke in three Baptist churches in Potosi, Mo., prior to speaking to public school students in science classes. This might lead people to conclude that Christians generally–and Baptists specifically–support such activities. Given the statistics quoted, that 64 percent of Americans support teaching creationism alongside evolution, […] Read More