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Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics released a new estimate on the number of American families home schooling their children. According to the report, approximately 1.5 million children, roughly 3 percent of all school-age children, were home-schooled in 2007. This represents a 36 percent increase since 2003 and […] Read More

“These are not ordinary kids who were bullied into retaliation,” psychologist Peter Langman writes in his new book, Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters. “These are not ordinary kids who played too many video games. These are not ordinary kids who just wanted to be famous. These are simply not ordinary kids. […] Read More

A group dedicated to getting Christians to leave public schools has launched a new offensive. This time, it’s A Call to Dunkirk. The Exodus Mandate Project, which helps Christian families exit the public school system, is using a famous incident from World War II to sell Christians on the idea that staying in government schools […] Read More

The call for an “exodus” from public schools continues to gain momentum in the Southern Baptist Convention, according to sponsors of a resolution being proposed at this summer’s SBC annual meeting in San Antonio. Bruce Shortt, a representative of Exodus Mandate, a Christian ministry that urges parents to remove their children from “government” schools and […] Read More

The head of the nation’s largest teacher union hailed a summit meeting for clergy and educators initiated by the Baptist Center for Ethics an historic first step toward building bridges between public schools and people of faith. “I’m charged up,” National Education Association President Reg Weaver said at the close of the Thursday-Friday meeting in […] Read More

As first lady of Mercer University, Lesli Underwood is most closely identified with Christian higher education. But she also is a strong advocate for public schools. “Public education advances democracy because it provides the free access to success to all children,” Underwood told “All parts of our community learn to co-exist, exchange ideas and […] Read More

Failure to report a Southern Baptist Convention resolution calling for an exit strategy from public schools is not an affirmation of public education, but rather a strategic shift aimed at controlling the school system instead of withdrawing, according to a moderate leader. Bruce Prescott, executive director of Mainstream Oklahoma Baptists, termed Wednesday’s resolution on “Engaging […] Read More

Public education has been under assault for some time now from segments of the Christian community. That’s why it is all the more amazing to learn that a Baptist entity has decided that instead of attacking public schools and undermining the morale of teachers and administrators, why not affirm the work of those who teach […] Read More

America’s noble experiment–universal education for all citizens–is a cornerstone of our democracy. The idea of a system of universal education is as old as our republic. No lesser lights than Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Noah Webster promoted a system of universal education that would extend through adolescence. Jefferson believed that such an approach to […] Read More

As a father of two students enrolled in a public school, I have become increasingly alarmed by anti-public school rhetoric. Most of that talk is coming from Christian groups. I would like to share my concerns, but a bit of biography is necessary to explain my passions and possible prejudices. I am the product of […] Read More