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Soon, many Americans will experience one of the biggest events of the year – the first day of school. Think of the shopping, the preparation, the anticipation: A new school year is significant! Your church or small group can find many ways to minister to the students, teachers and administrators in your area. It is […] Read More

Blessing of the Students

A sermon delivered by Robert Browning, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Frankfort, Ky., on August 12, 2012. Lamentations 2:19 Over twenty years ago, I began a tradition at the First Baptist Church of Somerset at the beginning of the school year. I asked all the students, from preschool to graduate school, to come to the platform […] Read More

Facebook postings these days are littered with children posing before their first day of school. Elementary school kids have big smiles, backpacks and themed lunch boxes. Those in the middle-school range are working hard not to look like they’re working hard at being cool. The high schoolers’ expressions reveal a restrained impatience at this embarrassing […] Read More