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Say Something Nice Day

Being positive is a challenge. Being negative is easy. Even when our words are meant with the best of intentions, they can still cause hurt. This Sunday, on Say Something Nice Day, put your positive words into practice. […] Read More

I helped launch the Say Something Nice Day movement 13 years ago. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that the greatest barriers to our success would become a president of the United States and evangelical Christians who support his coarse way of communicating and his behavior. I remember when President Bill Clinton was […] Read More

Peter Gomes, the former minister of Memorial Church, said in a 2004 convocation address to the Harvard Divinity School, “Silence is death, and we with our skills and talents have never been more needed than now.” His words were never more appropriate than now for those of us who strive for a more civil national […] Read More

What is your latest accomplishment? Who helped you achieve it? Who recommended you? Who taught you the skills? Who encouraged you? Who opened your eyes to the possibilities? Who opposed you and caused you to work harder? Who told you that you couldn’t do it? Who was your competition? Choose one of these to whom […] Read More