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Sarah Palin

A Christian polling firm found that evangelicals favor five possible Republican presidential candidates more than President Barack Obama. Even the twice-divorced, thrice-married Newt Gingrich received a higher favorability rating among evangelicals than Obama, who has been married only once and for more than 18 years. Evangelicals have identified themselves as being pro-family. Among evangelicals, Gingrich’s […] Read More

(RNS) Four days after an assassination attempt critically wounded a Jewish congresswoman and killed six others, Sarah Palin on Wednesday (Jan. 12) accused “journalists and pundits” of manufacturing a “blood libel” that seeks to link her and other conservatives to the massacre. The “blood libel” language unsettled many Jewish groups, who say the term has […] Read More

(RNS) Sarah Palin once pursued politics out of a religious sense of calling, and considered her choice as vice presidential candidate by 2008 GOP nominee John McCain part of “God’s plan.” But now, as the midterm elections loom and Palin positions herself as the heroine of the Tea Party, Palin has become less vocal about […] Read More

Sarah Palin has come up with a novel idea. She told Bill O’Reilly recently that the law in America should be based on the Ten Commandments. Now folks in Alabama are used to hearing this kind of stuff because we are home to former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. But it’s another matter […] Read More

If Sarah Palin drew the lion’s share of the media attention at last week’s National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, William Temple, a Revolutionary War re-enactor, may be the runner-up.   He was featured on CNN, had his picture on the online version of the New York Times and the print version of the Tennessean, […] Read More

No political deception this year has been more shameful than that of Sarah Palin, the Christian Right and many Republicans who have tried to sabotage health care reform with the canard of “death panels.” Even after many myth-debunking articles and reports, the anti-health care reform crowd still crows about death panels.   Only a few […] Read More

Glenn Beck: Normally I’d say “Hello America,” but here’s the one thing: This can’t be the same country I grew up in because in the America I grew up in the headlines would be a whole lot different today. Rush Limbaugh: We have to stop and shout, and stop this and oppose it. This is […] Read More

It was Sarah Palin who got the most attention for the false assertion that the health-care reform bill being debated in Congress would create “death panels” to encourage euthanasia of the elderly and infirm, but it apparently was a stalwart of the Christian right that gave her the inspiration. And now the health-care reform debate […] Read More

The case of Sarah Palin is extraordinary in the history of American politics, even as it seems entirely ordinary in the history of American women. The case of Sarah Palin is extraordinary in the history of American politics, even as it seems entirely ordinary in the history of American women. Her stardom is all around […] Read More

The nomination of Sarah Palin changed Southern Baptist fundamentalism quicker than Eve tempted Adam to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden, metaphorically speaking. The Republican Party’s first woman caused Republican Party’s first-line male clergy to revise their theology about women, while claiming they never meant what they said earlier. Only 10 years ago, […] Read More