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Sanctity of Life

It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling for some time with the whole idea of “the sanctity of human life.”   I have to confess that there are unlikely allies who emerge. The result is an “odd coupling” of individuals, organizations, governments and movements that point to a burgeoning hope. Here are several that have […] Read More

In 1989, all across Greenville County in South Carolina, white crosses were standing on church lawns to commemorate the deaths of fetuses killed by abortion. There were enough pro-life supporters in the county to lead protest marches in Greenville. There were enough people holding to a system of moral values, with strength of conviction, sufficient […] Read More

The tragic circumstances surrounding Terri Schiavo have produced much conversation about the sanctity of life. Politicians, protestors, and legislators used religious language in their arguments to save Terri. In spite of the fact that the tubes and fluids were providing “artificial” life for her, the removal of this artificial sustenance was denounced as a sinful […] Read More

The Florida judge who presided over the Terri Schiavo case received a special award from a local legal association Thursday, prompting more controversy in a legal battle that brought him national attention and criticism from the religious right. The West Pasco Bar Association gave Judge George Greer its Special Service Award at a banquet honoring […] Read More

Unless you have been on silent retreat in another world this past month, you have experienced the media overload surrounding the tragic case of Terri Schiavo. As a pastor, I feel grief for a family whose internal conflict over the decision of when to say good-bye to a loved one accelerated into a national death […] Read More

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, the driving force behind an effort in Congress to intervene in a Florida right-to-die dispute, faced a similar decision 16 years ago when his father was diagnosed in a persistent vegetative state following an accident at his home. The Los Angeles Times on Sunday reported that the family decided not […] Read More

President Bush met with Pope John Paul II for the first time Monday, in the midst of Bush’s struggle over federal funding of stem cell research. Several Bush advisers said the president would likely not make a decision about stem cell research until after the July 23 visit, according to the Washington Post. The pope […] Read More