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Sam Harrell

We need to be seriously concerned about our earth and the life systems that comprise it. These 5 practical measures offer a path of hope and will give us plenty to do. […] Read More

We’re facing a global environmental crisis. With our methods of resource allocation leaving much to be desired, our children and the rest of God’s creation will inherit the ecological debt that we are failing to pay. […] Read More

Discussions and debates on the issue of our environmental future often generate more heat than light. We tend to be polarized into camps when such discussions take place. Some have their eyes only on climate change, others on population control. Still others swear that new technologies will save our planet from its current path toward […] Read More

Sam Harrell and his wife, Melody, founded the Africa Exchange, an organization that partners with local people in areas of early childhood education and community development. His articles that have appeared on are available here, and his Skype interview is available here. 1. Where did you grow up? Nairobi, Kenya, as a child of […] Read More

Survival. Kenya has recently survived the filming of the CBS television series “Survivor.” Some Kenyans, however, were not thrilled that this staged realism was acted out on their soil.  There was the usual argument about who benefits from lucrative fees paid by the producer for the use of this corner of wilderness known as Shaba […] Read More