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Sam Davidson

Let’s face it. Many of us don’t keep New Year’s resolutions. We can never seem to turn our best ambitions into long-term success. Instead, make a New Day’s resolution. Embrace the power that each new day holds. […] Read More

As father to a daughter and husband to a woman who has long believed in female empowerment, I am very cognizant of the “princess culture” believed to be perpetuated by corporations like Disney. The idea is that from an early age, little girls are inundated with the notion that being a woman means having an […] Read More

Have you thought about your cannonball? If you’re frustrated with your ability to impact the world as you wish, maybe it’s because you haven’t paid attention to your cannonball. So says Sam Davidson, a Nashville-based author, speaker and social entrepreneur, in a new Skype interview with Skype Interview: Sam Davidson from EthicsDaily on Vimeo. […] Read More

The older my daughter gets, the more I start to think about her education – the formal kind, at least. When it’s time, what kind of school will she go to? What should I look for in a school? How will what she learns in elementary school impact the kind of person she’s becoming given […] Read More

Once I realized I would be married to at least five different women in my lifetime, it was a lot easier to get married. You may think my wife would cringe when reading this statement, but by my count, I’ve already been married to two different women since Lynnette and I tied the knot in […] Read More

When I hold my daughter, I sometimes find myself quickly thinking about what she’ll be like when she’s 8. Or 25. Or 74. I don’t want her to grow up overnight, but I’m a curious guy, easily wondering what kind of job she’ll have, music she’ll like or idiosyncrasies she’ll hate. This is the beauty […] Read More

Their door was paper thin. They had a sheet taped to the wall to cover the front window. The porch light wasn’t on, probably because it didn’t work. When she opened the skinny door, I let them know that the presents were in the car. The 4-year-old, blissfully ignorant of her living situation, let this […] Read More

I glanced at their table only a few sips in to my first half-priced pint of the night. When I’m waiting on someone to arrive or something to happen, I notoriously people watch. People sometimes catch me watching them. I don’t care. They should be flattered that I want to study them so. When I […] Read More

I didn’t blog for a week. This isn’t something new. Usually when it happens, it’s because I’m lazy. This time, it was strategic. Of course, I didn’t know Matt Chevy was going to call me a Gen Y Rock Star. That meant a lot of people came to my Web site looking for good ideas […] Read More

I set up a Cool People Care booth at Vanderbilt University as part of their freshman orientation. I was there – along with hundreds of other community organizations – to chat about what we do and how we can help Vandy’s incoming freshman class get involved in the community. As usual, students quickly wandered over […] Read More