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Sacred Texts Social Duty

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is upon us: tax season. We all join in the annual ritual of compiling seemingly endless documents – W2s, 1098s, 1099-INTs, charitable giving statements and so on – which we dread no matter our perspective on taxation. As onerous as this process can be, it provides a needed reminder […] Read More

What’s Next? has pivoted toward a new future—more intentionally providing faith content for TV. Our decision was quickened by an opportunity with a new African-American TV network—Soul of the South Network (SSN)—to air three of our documentaries, beginning in late July. Launched in May 2013, SSN currently has 16 stations carrying its programming. Its largest affiliate, […] Read More

Think theologically on Tax Day, not financially, not economically, not politically. Not easy to do, granted. Thinking theologically about taxation is a stretch for many of us. Most houses of faith, most seminaries, most religious organizations are well-practiced at skirting the topic of the moral obligation to pay taxes. Beyond the broad-stroke scriptural citation to […] Read More

Wayne Flynt is’s pick as Baptist of the Year for 2011. When most Alabama Baptists applauded the state’s adoption of the nation’s meanest anti-immigration law and many goodwill Baptists were publicly mute or morally muddled, Flynt spoke truth to power without flinching. What he did wasn’t new. It’s what he has done on so […] Read More