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Our world that used to make sense, even though imperfect, seems more like the upside-down from “Stranger Things,” but it’s never too late for the prophets of truth to confront evil. […] Read More

There’s always a trade-off between what we might want to achieve and what we can actually do. Former United Kingdom ambassador and career diplomat Christopher Meyer emphasized this point in his book, “Getting Our Way,” subtitled “500 Years of Adventure and Intrigue: The Inside Story of British Diplomacy.” As a result, we’re sometimes left holding […] Read More

With more than 6,000 people killed and 1.2 million internally displaced in the last year, how should the global church respond to the Ukrainian conflict? Around 60 delegates and observers grappled with this question at the London Consultation, a special event organized by BMS and Mission Eurasia on April 28 at Lambeth Palace, the official […] Read More

The Easter greeting – “Christ is Risen!” – is said not only on Easter Sunday but also throughout the whole Easter season in Ukraine. It is used as a greeting of one Christian to another meeting in the street or elsewhere. The answering response – “He is risen, indeed!” – seems to bring the reality […] Read More

The European Baptist Federation (EBF) has challenged Russian and Ukrainian Baptist leaders to issue a joint statement calling for peace while acknowledging their differences. The appeal comes from EBF general secretary Tony Peck and EBF president Otniel Bunaciu in response to a statement issued by Russian Baptists to coincide with the visit of Secretary of […] Read More

The crisis in Ukraine could be attributed to the lack of sympathy for democratic practice. Repeated fisticuffs in Ukraine’s parliament were one indication of that deficit. Why was it not possible for the protesters on Maidan Square to wait for upcoming elections, initially set for March 2015, then moved forward to December 2014? Henry Kissinger […] Read More

MOSCOW (RNS/ENInews) Russian and Greek Orthodox leaders are objecting to plans in both countries to introduce electronic identity cards intended to streamline bureaucracy. Church officials are demanding close study of the cards, and asking that authorities make them optional. The personal and financial information embedded in the cards could be manipulated to discriminate against believers, […] Read More

MOSCOW (RNS/ENInews) A Jehovah’s Witness on trial in Siberia was found innocent on Thursday (April 14) of charges of “inciting religious hatred and enmity,” in a case that was seen as a litmus test of Russian religious freedom. Aleksandr Kalistratov had been accused of distributing Jehovah’s Witnesses literature, which has been qualified as extremist in […] Read More

MOSCOW (RNS/ENInews) The head of the Russian Orthodox Church denounced a terrorist attack at Moscow’s busiest airport as “the horrifying scowl of sin,” and said actions once condemned even in war “are today becoming a form of protest.” Patriarch Kirill I spoke after a service to mark the feast of St. Tatyana, which this year […] Read More

(RNS) Veronika and Oleg Bilerman exchanged wedding vows a quarter of a century ago in an unremarkable civil ceremony in the former Soviet Union. Their Jewish faith was never acknowledged. It wasn’t until Sunday (Oct. 31) that the couple, who now live in Fair Lawn, N.J., with their two children, finally celebrated their marriage in […] Read More