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Roy Moore

Thomas Paine’s use of the Bible was at the heart of his incendiary critique of the political powers of his day. It goes, in summary, like this: The Bible denounces monarchy, and it’s no wonder because the monarchy is rotten so let’s start a revolution. Paine’s “Common Sense” has received a renewed interest in the […] Read More

Alabama voters will choose their next United States senator on Dec. 12. Let me be clear: I’m not endorsing a candidate or telling readers how they should vote. Rather, I’m urging Christians not to disregard their moral compass when they enter the voting booth. The two primary candidates running for office are Judge Roy Moore […] Read More

All the chatter in Alabama’s gubernatorial primaries has revolved around U.S. Rep. Artur Davis’ surprising loss in the Democratic primary and the deadlock in the Republican primary. Little assessment has focused on former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore coming in a distant fourth place in the Republican contest. Following his political popularity during […] Read More

Going To The Whip

Laura Hildebrand, author of the award winning book about the legendary, Seabiscuit, has emerged as an outspoken critic of the riding crop or “whip,” when used to enhance race horse performance. According to Hildebrand, the use of the whip is cruel. It inflicts unnecessary pain on the animal. And it may not even be all […] Read More

Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore is trailing Gov. Bob Riley 2-to-1 in the race for Alabama’s Republican gubernatorial nomination June 6. A Mobile Register/University of South <Alabama poll released Sunday showed Riley widening his lead over the former state chief justice. Fifty-six percent of likely Republican voters supported Riley, compared to 28 percent for Moore […] Read More

A Christian talk-show host who sued to reinstate Roy Moore after his ouster as Alabama’s chief justice isn’t supporting his run for governor, citing his ties to groups she says want to impose a theocracy. “You may say I am crazy for coming out against Roy Moore for governor, and it saddens me to have […] Read More

The decision by former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore to enter the race to be Alabama’s next governor ensures that the campaign will be filled with lots of God talk. Though Moore has stated the Ten Commandments will not be part of his campaign, it will be hard for him to keep that promise. After […] Read More

Roy Moore, whose removal as Alabama’s chief justice for defying a federal judge’s order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state Supreme Court building made him a hero for conservatives, announced Monday he is running for governor, ending months of speculation. Moore, 58, is likely to face fellow Southern Baptist and incumbent Gov. […] Read More

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s undeclared candidacy for governor could receive a boost from a Monday appearance at the Southern Baptist Convention Pastors Conference. Polls suggest the 58-year-old Southern Baptist, who was forced from office for refusing to remove a 2 ½-ton monument bearing the Ten Commandments from the state Judicial Building, has a […] Read More

So Help Me God

In his new book, “So Help Me God,” Judge Roy Moore makes the claim that he is bound by his oath as a public official, by the very words “so help me God,” to acknowledge God as the foundation of our government. The failure to do this, he argues, erodes the “moral foundation of law.” […] Read More