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Roman Catholics

As Burundian children living in refugee camps in Tanzania, they hoped for a brighter future. Today, enrolled in college in the U.S., they serve other Burundians at home and abroad. […] Read More

A group of prominent evangelical and Catholic theologians and activists released a document 20 years ago articulating common ground between the two groups. Yet the groundwork laid by the controversial document may have done more for politics than theology. Spearheading the project in the early 1990s were evangelical Chuck Colson, who founded Prison Fellowship after […] Read More

Freemasonry has had a pervasive influence on Anglo-American culture.  Usually open and generous in its racial and religious attitudes, there is one enormous exception to that rule: Roman Catholics. Much of European and American politics over the past two centuries has involved an often-bitter confrontation between Masons and Catholics. Why is that? Modern Freemasonry developed […] Read More

WASHINGTON (RNS) The nation’s leading Catholic bishop said the U.S. has failed to help Iraqis develop the means and political will to protect its citizens, particularly Christians, dozens of whom have been wounded and killed in recent weeks. “Having invaded Iraq, our nation has a moral obligation not to abandon those Iraqis who cannot defend […] Read More

LONDON (RNS) Five bishops have decided to leave the Church of England and join the Roman Catholic Church under the Vatican’s new program to welcome disaffected Anglicans. The decision by three active and two retired bishops was reported Monday (Nov. 8) by the British Press Association (PA) and confirmed by the Vatican’s top spokesman in […] Read More

In the days leading up to the death of Pope John Paul II and the subsequent election of Pope Benedict XVI, Tom Reese appeared regularly in television interviews. As the highly respected editor of the Jesuit magazine America, he provided the United States audience in particular with insightful commentary and assessment on these historic developments […] Read More

More and more reports reveal that some ultra-conservative members of religious organizations had an illegal hand in the 2004 election. One of the agendas that has opened some eyes are the sermons from many a Protestant and Catholic pulpit to vote Republican in last November’s presidential election. Besides the usual suspects of “Protestant Patriots” like […] Read More

A Colorado senator targeted in newspaper ads by Focus on the Family for blocking an up-or-down vote on President Bush’s judicial nominees called on the group to distance itself from a Southern Baptist leader for comments the senator said were anti-Catholic. United States Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colo., leveled a jab at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary […] Read More

A Christian radio talk-show host fired after questioning Roman Catholic beliefs on the air and fielding a caller’s question about whether the late Pope John Paul II would go to heaven has sparked debate about whether evangelical radio promotes unity at the expense of biblical truth. Marty Minto, senior pastor of the 100-member Turning Point […] Read More

I am blessed to have many Catholic friends in my community. At times we have engaged in discussions about faith matters and we have even had opportunity to worship together. Last year Trinity Baptist Church and Immaculate Conception Catholic Church held a joint Ash Wednesday service. I hope we can begin the season of Lent […] Read More