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Roman Catholic Church

The Southern Baptist Convention and Roman Catholic Church both believe in a male-only clergy and struggle with a clergy sex abuse crisis. Until they abandon patriarchy, they will never get a handle on sexual abuse. […] Read More

Confidence of U.S. Catholics in Roman Catholic clergy’s honesty and ethics declined to a record low in 2018, Gallup found. Only 31 percent gave Catholic priests high or very high honesty and ethical standards. […] Read More

Baptist and Catholic delegations met earlier this month to continue ecumenical conversations between the two groups. […] Read More

The sexual abuse by the clergy and the cover-up by the hierarchy in the Roman Catholic Church are inexcusable, deeply sinful and have harmed thousands. How should the church respond? […] Read More

Hispanic Americans’ religious affiliation is changing. Though Hispanics are still predominantly Catholic, 24 percent have now converted from Catholicism, according to a new Pew Research report. While Pew noted a shift in religious affiliation over the past decade, the past four years has seen swift, significant changes. In 2013, Pew found 55 percent of U.S. […] Read More

Fifty years ago, Kay Cronin, wrote a book titled “Cross in the Wilderness,” chronicling how, in 1847, a small band of Oblate missionaries came from France to the American Pacific Northwest and, after some bitter setbacks in Washington state and Oregon, moved up the coast into Canada and helped found the Roman Catholic Church in […] Read More

The election of Pope Francis was surely God-inspired. He is the right man in the fullness of time – a doctrinal conservative and a social progressive. Early news reports disclose a man of humor and humility. Upon his election, he joked with the cardinals about their decision. He said, “May God forgive you,” which led […] Read More

I am neither a journalist, nor a prophet. But since Pope Francis comes from Argentina and I’m an Argentinean, it seems that I should have something to say. Jason Horowitz wrote in The Washington Post: “The cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church broke Europe’s millennium-long stranglehold on the papacy and astonished the Catholic world Wednesday […] Read More

In the world of organized religion, centralized authority is rolling in at full tide, while at the scattered edges of the globe the freedoms of the faithful ebb away. Consider these episodes: American bishops of the Roman Catholic Church recently gathered in the nation’s capital to retreat from their bold defense of sexually abused children. […] Read More

The Roman Catholic Church has had to face up to decades of denial and wrongdoing in recent weeks—something churches don’t do very well. Amid the dambreak of accusations concerning the sexual abuse of children by priests, the Vatican and the American Catholic hierarchy finally have acknowledged that they have years of broken souls and shattered […] Read More