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Roger Thomas

‘The Cooler’

A great many Christians proclaim to those who will listen that there is no such thing as luck; everything happens for a reason. With this kind of philosophy, Buffalo Bills fans must think that God really has it in for them. Perhaps things like the Super Bowl are not determined by God’s will but rather […] Read More

‘Calendar Girls’

Sometimes the trailer for a film can be deceptive. This can be a very bad thing when the trailer shows several great moments that, one discovers upon seeing the film, are the only inspired scenes in the film. Deception can be a good thing, though, when the previews make one think that a film is […] Read More

Almost two years ago a film was released entitled “Changing Lanes.” It told the story of two imperfect men who end up entwining one another in a series of vengeful reactions—because of a fender-bender. “House of Sand and Fog” is also a movie about two flawed and struggling individuals who are thrust into a battle […] Read More

‘In America’

There is a moment when the tension portrayed on screen is so powerful that “In America” succeeds as well or better than any film released in 2003. The scene involves a doll, a carnival game and the rent money. If all of the film had achieved the emotional level of that brief scene, “In America” […] Read More

‘The Station Agent’

In this season of big blockbusters and major contenders for Oscar, there are a few small films not getting the attention they deserve. “The Station Agent” is one of those films. “The Station Agent” tells the story of a man named Fin, a train enthusiast who lives a simple life working in a model train […] Read More

‘Mona Lisa Smile’

Why does the woman in Da Vinci’s famous painting smile? The film “Mona Lisa Smile” offers one possible reason, a very profound one. “Mona Lisa Smile” tells the story of an idealistic art history teacher, Katherine Watson, who comes to Wellesley College for Girls in 1953. Her idealism causes her to believe that she can […] Read More

Some films impress the audience with breathtaking effects and thrills. Some films amuse audiences with countless physical jokes, accented with crude and often lewd humor. Some films yank the emotions of the audience with multiple attempts to move viewers to tears. “Something’s Gotta Give” is a film with no special effects, only a little physical […] Read More

‘The Missing’

Ron Howard may never make another film as great as “Apollo 13,” a masterpiece of filmmaking and an inspiring story of what can happen when people cooperate and work toward a common goal. His Oscar-winning Best Picture, “A Beautiful Mind” from 2001, which also garnered Howard a Best Director Award, is almost its equal. “The […] Read More

Though computer animation has dominated the animation genre in America in both quality and creativity for a few years now, some traditionally drawn features still make it to theaters—and of course home video and DVD. One such traditionally drawn animated feature now on DVD is “Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.” It’s worth renting.   […] Read More

‘Brother Bear’

“Brother Bear,” a traditionally drawn animated feature currently in theaters, is worth seeing. “Bear” is set in the distant past, when humans lived in caves and shared the earth with mammoths and other creatures. The primitive culture has a faith peppered with New Age ideas.  Fans of the Earth’s Childrenbooks by Jean Auel may wonder […] Read More