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Robert Parham

An Abu Dhabi newspaper columnist wrote a piece on irresponsible mosque sermons, and it deserves recognition from the Christian community. About a sermon delivered at one of the main mosques in Doha, Qatar, Hassan Hassan wrote, “The imam’s irresponsible sermon underlines an urgency to reform the system of Friday sermons in many countries of the […] Read More

Last week’s election results are now clearer. The political extremes will likely be meaner. The political center will likely be thinner. The prospects for civility and the common good will likely be bleaker. The potential for positive church witness and work couldn’t be better. First, a word about our context. Alan Grayson, the rhetorical bomb-throwing […] Read More

What holds us together? Ray Waddle, editor of Reflections, a publication of the Yale Divinity School, addresses that question with a story. He writes about artist Michael Seri, who was traumatized after 9/11 and sought relief through artwork. Seri painted on plywood a battered-looking U.S. flag. He covered the flag with glue and affixed a […] Read More

The 2012 presidential election is the “most important election of our lifetime.” So claim candidates and their supporters. Lefties make that claim. Righties make that claim. Preachers make that claim. “We’re at the tipping point… We’re about to go over – not the fiscal cliff – we’re about to go over the moral and spiritual […] Read More

Narratives – stories – shape how we see the world. Some narratives are informative and helpful; others are misleading and harmful. For example, the Bush administration advanced the narrative that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that it supported the 9/11 terrorists. That narrative was used to justify the United States going to war […] Read More

Where Is the Good News?

Bad news is at every turn. Nigeria’s Boko Haram kills Muslims and Christians. The Syrian government kills its own people. The war in Afghanistan extends into year 12 with thousands of deaths and half a trillion dollars spent. Rape is a weapon of war in the Congo. Israeli and Palestinians strike one another daily. Israel […] Read More

After 21 years of heading up the Baptist Center for Ethics (BCE) and a dozen years of, I’ve learned a lot about faith in the public square. Here’s a short list. First, it takes a long time to say hello to Baptists and a lot of time to tell others that we’re not that […] Read More

A fragment has caused a global flutter about historic Christianity. The claim that Jesus was married has flashed around the world, saturating newspapers, online sources and TV news shows. It has sparked unbridled speculation about the future of Christianity. The New York Times broke the news on Sept. 18 with the headline, “A Faded Piece […] Read More

President Obama is playing politics with immigration and faith. Some of the reading public learned last week that the Obama administration doesn’t want federal health care insurance coverage provided to the young undocumented immigrants who he declared in June with much fanfare could stay in the country without fear of deportation. He wants them to […] Read More

One narrative now dominates our global culture. Another narrative, an alternative one, is all but missing. The dominant narrative is that Muslims are a rage-filled people who hate America and react badly to events by throwing rocks, burning cars, clashing with police, destroying property – all over a low-quality, absurd video that disparages the character […] Read More