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Rick Scarborough

Rick Scarborough’s new idea of a crusade he launched in Lufkin, Texas, on July 5 is a radical departure from his past. His mentor, the late Jerry Falwell, claimed in the PBS Religious Right documentary that the old idea–that holding revivals and winning converts meant the nation would move in the right direction–was flawed. Rick […] Read More

Vision America founder Rick Scarborough and two-time presidential candidate Alan Keyes are kicking off a 70-week series of one-day crusades to “save America” beginning the week of the Fourth of July and ending the week of national elections in 2008. “Many of us throw our hands up and say how did America get to the […] Read More

During the Feb. 15 broadcast of “The Colbert Report,” comedian Stephen Colbert noted that on Feb. 22 “tens of thousands of people” would be praying for him. The reason was because he had been named on Mastermedia International’s prayer list for the top 365 cultural influencers, with each individual given a day for which to […] Read More

Vision America founder Rick Scarborough turned a “New Baptist Covenant” proposed by former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton into a fund-raising pitch, calling it an effort to deceive Christians into believing the Bible is compatible with abortion, gay rights and opposition to Israel. In a fund-raising letter, Scarborough, a former Southern Baptist pastor in […] Read More

When legendary comics creator Stan Lee gave birth to Spider-Man in 1962 he gave the new superhero the maxim, “With great power, there must also come great responsibility!” This guiding truth for Spider-Man is a lesson that some religious leaders need to learn. Recently, Vision America leader Rick Scarborough and Eagle Forum leader Phyllis Schlafly […] Read More

Southern Baptist minister Rick Scarborough, founder and president of Vision America, has been in the news quite a lot lately. A couple of weeks ago his organization hosted the “War on Christians and the Values Voter” conference. Embattled Republican politician Tom DeLay spoke at the event before announcing his retirement from Congress a few days […] Read More

The May 16, 2005, issue of Time magazine reported that Rick Scarborough “has been the kind of dedicated activist the GOP has to thank for much of its current dominance.” For the last dozen years this former student of mine, when I taught at Houston Baptist University, has made his pulpit into a crusade to […] Read More