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Rick Love

Whether you protest or praise particular immigration policies, one truth is undebatable: both Muslims and Mexicans (and Latinos in general) face blatant discrimination in Trump’s America. […] Read More

When I heard about the first annual Black American Muslim Conference, I knew I had to attend. As a white evangelical Christian, I wanted to hear this group’s stories and stand in solidarity with them against the blatant racism and anti-Muslim sentiment that buffets their lives Because my organization, Peace Catalyst, focuses on Christian-Muslim peacemaking, […] Read More

I sat stunned, angry and brokenhearted after reading the horrific news: More than 300 people killed in a terrorist attack at a mosque in Egypt. I began the day by meditating on Psalm 16:11. “In your presence is fullness of joy.” Next, I spent some time meditating on Romans 14:17 about the righteousness, peace and […] Read More

In January 2002, just a few months after 9/11, I taught a course at Columbia International University (CIU) called Church Planting in the Muslim World. I was international director of Frontiers – a large mission focused on inviting all Muslims to follow Jesus. A freelance journalist named Barry Yeoman wanted to sit in on our […] Read More

The presidential campaign has left our country scarred, angry and polarized. The United States is anything but united right now. So how should followers of Jesus respond to this? Jesus said you will know his followers by their fruits (Matthew 7:15-20), not by their political party. You will know them by the positive impact of […] Read More

What pops into the mind of the average American if you ask him or her about Muslims? Is it something like this? “Muslims are terrorists.” “I fear Muslims. They want to take over our country.” “I am very suspicious of all Muslims.” If so, I fully understand. Many media outlets paint an ugly, distorted and […] Read More

The alienation between many Americans and Muslims worldwide is based primarily on fear and not facts. American mainstream media, and all too often Christians, view Muslims – all Muslims – as evil extremists who want to do us harm. Muslims equal “security threats” in the eyes of many people. But are Muslims really security threats? […] Read More

Hate speech, inflammatory rhetoric and uncivil discourse are all too common in politics and social media. In seeking a positive means to respond, I’m joining my organization, Peace Catalyst International, in a campaign to wage peace. I’m seeking to wage peace because peacemaking is a battle. Overcoming evil with good or seeking to end a […] Read More

Almost 200 evangelical pastors and Muslim imams gathered to declare their commitment to making peace with one another. These Christian and Muslim leaders gathered in Baltimore for a Spreading the Peace Convocation in late October. The evening began with Ed Stetzer, executive director of Lifeway Research, sharing the results of recent polls on how evangelicals […] Read More

Jesus’ teaching on peace may begin in our hearts and our homes, but it pushes us beyond our comfort zones and outside the walls of our churches to our neighbors and even our enemies. It overflows to our cities, states and nation. It encompasses global conflict and foreign policy. This is peacemaking without borders. So […] Read More