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Rick Burnette

Leading climate scientists have warned us the climate clock is ticking. However, with insufficient solidarity and widespread complacency, a viable solution appears to be far on the horizon. We have only one hope remaining. […] Read More

Our AC Addiction

These days you don’t have to drive too long before you’ll come across a hybrid car. High gasoline prices are finally having an effect. SUVs are out and hybrids, as well as other high mileage vehicles, are suddenly very much in demand. We simply can’t afford the gas.What about homes? Families are beginning to feel […] Read More

Real National Happiness

While living abroad for the past 14 years, international friends have sometimes fussed at me about America’s seeming indifference to issues affecting the rest of the world. To them, Americans are too smug, especially with regard to our way of life. Apparently, our sense of entitlement to a high standard of living is annoying. On […] Read More