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Ethnicity, gender, nationality and frameworks of opportunity influence whether a person bears the burden of need or enjoys the benefits of privilege. How do we bridge the gap to achieve a community focused on a common good? […] Read More

While evangelicals have no illusions that worldly systems are or can ever be perfect, the work evangelicals do with the United Nations to protect religious freedom matters. […] Read More

Despite dissatisfaction from many evangelicals, the United Nations has brought much needed attention to violations of freedom of religion or belief that would otherwise go unnoticed. […] Read More

With midterm elections less than a week away, it’s imperative that you make the time to vote. It’s your privilege and your responsibility. Here are 5 questions to ask about your candidates as you enter the voting booth. […] Read More

Two sets of ‘boundary’ symbols paint clashing portraits of our nation’s character. One denotes liberty and responsibility; the other is protectionist and inhospitable. Which will you heed? […] Read More

I can remember once being told that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. It was said tongue-in-cheek, but only slightly. The premise for that maxim is that getting permission can be time-consuming and requires a degree of tact and diplomacy. You also have to be adept at patiently explaining yourself, so it […] Read More

Why We Are So Quick to Condemn

In the United Kingdom, we are acutely conscious of the rising cost of electricity, and electric providers are replacing banks as “Public Enemy Number One.” Two thoughts occur to me as I reflect on this media-led vilification. First, a sizeable proportion of our electricity consumption is for gadgets and appliances on standby. If we all […] Read More

The soft rain slowly fell just beyond the edge of the balcony. Because of its larger size, this blessed appendage – which hangs out over the street, four stories below – is referred to by the Greeks as a veranda. How cool was my elevated seat at noon on this October day in Athens. How […] Read More

A few weeks ago, when Dzhokhar Tsarev, the youngest brother of two suspects, was captured for bombing the Boston Marathon, a public debate erupted about the type of rights he was afforded. For days, authorities hesitated to read him his Miranda rights and debated whether to treat him as an enemy combatant. When I taught […] Read More

I have been blessed with the ability to sing and also blessed to participate in church choirs for many years. During that time, I have sung under a number of choir directors. Some of these ministers of music have been extraordinary in their use of their talents in service to God. Singing under their leadership […] Read More