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The pandemic has attacked the very illusions we live by. In short, we need one another. Not simply when we are faced with viral contagion. We are created for one another, to flourish together or not at all. […] Read More

Thanks to the coronavirus global pandemic, the most striking feature of this Lent is you have had to ‘give up’ something you never contemplated: Your entire view of who you are and what it means to be human. […] Read More

As religious and civic leaders, we need to help our local hospitals and health care professionals care for the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. What you do may seem small to you, but it will be significant. […] Read More

Darkness descended upon the world as the COVID-19 virus reached a pandemic state. In hard-hit Italy, however, people joined their voices to sing songs of solidarity, finding community and faith. In the US, we are finding our song. […] Read More

Anxiety invades the church like a virus. Some churches have so much anxiety they verge on being paranoid. They see everything as threatening. Others feel perfectly safe in their surroundings. How do you treat your church’s anxiety? […] Read More

Would Jesus tolerate Valentine’s Day? Human love only goes so far in approximating what perfect love is. We’re good at loving those who are close to us. For a holiday do-over, let’s extend God’s love, justice and peace to all. […] Read More

We all face seasons in life when our senses are dulled because we have been kicked into survival mode. When you feel like you’re riding a carousel watching the world blur by, it’s vital to ground yourself in the here and now. […] Read More

Some suggest we should not sing worship songs that elicit strong emotions because it can lead people astray, but we deceive ourselves if we think we can divorce musical meaning from musical feeling. Each contributes to the other. […] Read More

The culture of contempt is a prevalent force in US society. The author of a new book suggests we must follow 5 rules if we want to subvert that culture for the good of the nation and the world. […] Read More

God cares about the lost being found, the disconsolate comforted, the suffering helped, the poor lifted up. As Jesus’ story of the rich man and Lazarus teaches us, you cannot love people from a distance. It involves relationships. […] Read More