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Pastors who comprise Fellowship Southwest’s ministry to asylum-seekers along the U.S.-Mexico border spent almost two hours discussing their work with refugees while living in the shadow of COVID-19. […] Read More

Lorenzo Ortiz, a Texas pastor who operates three immigrant shelters in Mexico, stayed in Mexico when the US and Mexican governments closed the border to all ‘nonessential’ travel at midnight on March 21 to curb the spread of COVID-19. […] Read More

With peace elusive and a return home uncertain, South Sudanese Baptist refugees have been meeting the needs of their fellow refugees in neighboring countries, providing food, shelter and education for children and youth. […] Read More

As the Trump administration cuts the number of refugees allowed to resettle in the US, less than 64,000 of the 1.4 million refugees considered top priorities in 2019 were actually relocated globally, a UN agency reported. […] Read More

People uproot themselves for many reasons to come to the US, but it is rarely out of a simple desire to leave home. Some come here fearing for their safety. Woe to those who turn away people claiming to be fleeing for their lives. […] Read More

In the Gospel of John, we read that ‘the Word became flesh and lived among us.’ God still pitches a tent alongside our celebrations and failures, journeying with us to envision and imagine a life-giving way to wander in this world. […] Read More

America is a land of plenty, yet our nation turns away those who knock on our door seeking asylum from violence, extreme poverty and severe droughts. And many Christians shockingly ignore Jesus’ call to be hospitable to strangers. […] Read More

Once Navid knew he would be leaving the offshore refugee camp near Australia for his new home in the US, a community of people and churches began to work to welcome him upon his arrival. […] Read More

Stuck in a repressive Australian offshore processing center for refugees, Navid learned he had been approved for a resettlement program to the US. Many obstacles had to be overcome, but God unlocked each one. […] Read More

Navid grew up in a Muslim family in Iran but decided he wanted to become a Christian, a decision that led to him being beaten and tortured by government police. He knew he had to flee the country. […] Read More