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A “flood” of plastic is creating untold environmental costs and overrunning poorer nations. A new report reveals that the global recycling trade isn’t as environmentally friendly as it seems and often harms poorer nations. […] Read More

We need to be seriously concerned about our earth and the life systems that comprise it. These 5 practical measures offer a path of hope and will give us plenty to do. […] Read More

Working toward a sustainable future will mean addressing the massive volume of electronic waste, or e-waste. It’s “the fastest-growing waste stream in the world,” a new report says. […] Read More

In order to try to save trees and do a little bit toward helping the environment, I try to do a couple of things: I try to print double-sided (saving paper) and I try to re-use bits of paper on which I have only printed on one side (using them as scrap paper). I started […] Read More

Cairo, Egypt, is one of the world’s largest metropolises. Many people associate Cairo with the Giza Pyramids, with one of the most impressive national museum collections in the world, and with the more recent iconic images of protests in Tahrir Square during the early days of the so-called Arab Spring. If you have visited Cairo, […] Read More

U.S. citizens send five pounds of trash per person per day into landfills, according to a recent study by Yale University’s Center for Industrial Ecology. Yale’s analysis determined that 262 million tons of garbage was disposed of in the U.S. in 2012, the latest data available, compared to estimates by the Environmental Protection Agency of […] Read More

After many of us eat fast-food, we throw away the cardboard pizza boxes, Styrofoam burger bins, wax-coated drink cups, plastic utensils and foil condiment containers. More often than not, we discard absolutely everything in which our food was served. What is worse, virtually none of this is easily recyclable. Even when these items are produced […] Read More

Raising children means packing school lunches, including a drink. Water is always a safe and preferred choice, but our household dilemma is how to send water with them. We often use water bottles, preferably reusable ones, which can be purchased in the supermarket. These bottles, whether reusable or disposable, have become a way of life […] Read More

It is odd how much stuff we Americans throw away. There was a day when you could get your radio, TV set, toaster or roller skates repaired. If the soles of your shoes had holes, they could be resoled. Today we live in a disposable society. It is cheaper to buy new than get something […] Read More

Practicing the Three Rs

When people ask me what simple things they can do as individuals and as families to care for God’s creation, something I suggest is that they practice the Three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce Find ways to reduce your consumption of products, high-impact foods and energy. Each product you buy has already created various impacts […] Read More