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Racial Justice

People of good faith need to stand boldly for racial justice and denounce the evils of racism and white supremacy. […] Read More

Prayers for peace are fine but when men like George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery are slain, those prayers are incomplete without a prayer for justice. And both are incomplete unless we are available to be answers to those prayers. […] Read More

Becoming a community of peacemakers is the calling of Christians worldwide. The world is crying out for a community of people who can bear witness to how to do this. This is our time to let our little light shine. […] Read More

With Pentecost celebrated this Sunday, may we remember God gave us breath to live, move and have our being in the world and gave us breath to cry out against injustices afflicted on our sisters and brothers of color. […] Read More

As unarmed black citizens are gunned down by law enforcement and others, the silent church must speak up. Our silence conveys acceptance of this injustice. How many more black citizens must die before we actually get enraged? […] Read More

The well-supported god of white supremacy is often the one that many Christian churches actually worship. This god offers them a worldview in which they are both hero and victim of a country amid dramatic demographic transition. […] Read More

White supremacy has a subtle catechesis, or religious education. Its god trains people to see the world through the lens of the white gaze. Often worshipped at the altar of patriotism, it dominates through power and control. […] Read More

Justice isn’t blind. Rather, the justice system willingly turns a blind eye, like it did for more than two months after the killing of Ahmaud Arbery. Justice tried to feign deafness, but the public outrage was too great. […] Read More

Close your eyes and picture a young man on a neighborhood jog. He’s confronted by armed men in a pickup truck and killed. Now, imagine he is white. […] Read More

A new book explores ‘what it means to be Black and Christian in America.’ Author Terrell Carter highlights instances of racial injustice and considers reactions by white Christians that reveal ‘unwritten American societal expectations for black people.’ […] Read More