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Public Opinion

More than half of US adults believe the United Nations is doing a poor job, a survey found. However, several faith leaders lauded the role it’s played in global affairs, particularly in light of the coronavirus pandemic. […] Read More

Diverging from the national average, the number of white evangelical Protestants in the US with positive views of President Trump as honest and morally upstanding remains significantly higher than the public, a report said. […] Read More

With over two-thirds of respondents in 34 nations calling it ‘very important,’ freedom of religion is among the most highly valued rights globally, but public appreciation varies widely between nations, a report said. […] Read More

Nearly half of mainline Protestant pastors agree ‘nothing [is] wrong with two people of the same gender getting married,’ a Lifeway report found. Meanwhile, evangelical pastors’ support remains unchanged at 8%. […] Read More

The Constitution prohibits religious tests for public office, but a candidate’s religion is still a significant factor in US voting patterns, a report said. About one-third said they would not vote for Muslims or atheists. […] Read More

White evangelicals, who overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump for president in 2016, continue to do so, a report found, with 76% saying they would ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ vote for him again in this year’s election. […] Read More

Nearly nine out of 10 churchgoers said they were very or somewhat satisfied with sermons they hear in their places of worship, a Pew report said. Protestants were more likely than Catholics to express satisfaction. […] Read More

Republicans, Protestants and adults 55 and older are the most likely groups to want stricter US abortion laws, a Gallup report found. Republicans had the greatest disparity: 42% want stricter laws and only 6% less strict. […] Read More

Protestant pastors in the U.S. are more likely to connect evangelistic efforts, rather than involvement in geo-politics, with hastening the return of Christ, a LifeWay report found. […] Read More

Given six possible choices, more than one out of five practicing Christians in the US feel a personal responsibility to help others facing discrimination, a Barna report said. […] Read More