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For the first time in LifeWay Research’s polling on the subject, a majority of U.S. Protestant pastors affirmed that global warming is taking place and that it is human-caused. […] Read More

Nearly half of mainline Protestant pastors agree ‘nothing [is] wrong with two people of the same gender getting married,’ a Lifeway report found. Meanwhile, evangelical pastors’ support remains unchanged at 8%. […] Read More

White evangelicals, who overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump for president in 2016, continue to do so, a report found, with 76% saying they would ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ vote for him again in this year’s election. […] Read More

Republicans, Protestants and adults 55 and older are the most likely groups to want stricter US abortion laws, a Gallup report found. Republicans had the greatest disparity: 42% want stricter laws and only 6% less strict. […] Read More

Protestant pastors in the U.S. are more likely to connect evangelistic efforts, rather than involvement in geo-politics, with hastening the return of Christ, a LifeWay report found. […] Read More

Fewer U.S. Protestant pastors affirm that the U.S. economy is having a positive impact on their congregations in 2019, a LifeWay report said. Positive responses dropped from 45% in 2018 to 30% this year. […] Read More

Barely one out of three Protestant and nondenominational adults in the US who attend church at least monthly read their Bible each day, a report says. Nearly nine out of 10 read their Bibles at least monthly. […] Read More

In Germany, religious communities have the right to impose church taxes on their registered members. The virtually uncontroversial system provides a stable financial basis even in times of declining church membership. […] Read More

Even while they believe their own churches would respond appropriately to allegations of sexual abuse by clergy, U.S. Protestants had mixed views about the extent of sexual abuse by clergy in local congregations. […] Read More

U.S. Protestants are faithful in praying for opportunities to share their faith but are less inclined to actually do so, a report found. More than half have not shared their faith with anyone in the past six months. […] Read More