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After the announcement of Nike’s deal with former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, his critics continue to focus on the means of his protest instead of looking at the problem he’s been protesting. […] Read More

Dreaming is sometimes the most realistic thing we can do. Or is there still something else we might do, like public protest, or something else? In his book on prophecy, “Commandments for the Long Haul,” Daniel Berrigan offers this advice. Prophetic gestures aren’t always politically effective. Often, they accomplish nothing that’s practical, but he adds, […] Read More

Religion is in the news again. An article by Daniel Burke, CNN’s religion writer, describes the chaotic clashing of religions and religious beliefs in the U.S. Burke cites several examples, including: President Trump declaring that the U.S. would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, a move quickly scraping the veneer off competing religions in that region. […] Read More

An NFL player, self-identified as a devout Christian, decided to “take a knee” during the playing of the national anthem last season. It was a silent protest on behalf of Black Lives Matter. He is biracial and was raised by white parents. I can only assume that matters of race are acutely and personally important […] Read More

I am tired of all of the uproar and unrest in Baltimore. I understand how layer upon layer of unaddressed injustice over time can make people frustrated enough to behave irrationally. Sustained neglect to this degree is easier to dismiss or keep on the periphery of life than to address head on openly and honestly, […] Read More

I agree with theologian Robert McAfee Brown in “The Spirit of Protestantism” in which he said: “There has not been a moment in the church’s life when it has not stood in need of reformation, redirection, and renewal at the hand of God.” That was true 495 years ago at the dawn of what we […] Read More

Christians from across the United States are expected to travel to Washington this week for an expressly Christian war protest against the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq four years ago. Participants in Friday’s Christian Peace Witness for Iraq plan to gather for an ecumenical worship service at Washington National Cathedral, followed by a candlelight procession to […] Read More

Homeschool activists are raising alarm about a controversy in Germany involving church, state and school they fear could have long-term repercussions affecting parents’ rights to educate their children in the United States. In September the European Court of Human Rights denied an appeal of a fundamentalist Christian family who sued the German government for the […] Read More

As a Christian, I cannot stand idly by during a time of increased poverty, war, and national tragedy as Congress attempts to cut billions of dollars to life-giving programs that assist our nation’s most vulnerable, while at the same time they attempt to pass billions more in tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans. (If the […] Read More

Led by evangelical activist Jim Wallis, 114 religious leaders were arrested Wednesday in Washington for civil disobedience protesting federal budget proposals that slash spending for the poor while extending tax breaks for the rich. According to, the religious leaders held a press conference before kneeling in prayer to block the entrance to the Cannon […] Read More