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Joel Osteen has been deemed by many as America’s Pastor. He is the pastor of the largest church in America and his books have sold in the millions. I recently scanned Osteen’s book, “Your Best Life Now,” in search of any serious reflection or teaching on the life, teaching and death of Jesus and Jesus’ […] Read More

As the U.S. economy fights to improve, things simply aren’t as comfortable as they once were. Americans aren’t accustomed to our current economic situation, and we can’t seem to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This makes sense because our country was built on the ideals of freedom and the pursuit of a better life, one […] Read More

The Chinese have for centuries viewed the coming of the New Year as a time for new beginnings. They sweep the yard (few had lawns in those days) clean out their homes and closets, and got rid of chipped or cracked pottery. New items are purchased to replace the old. They really give themselves to […] Read More